Who We Serve

Support Services for Manufacturers in Maine

Maine MEP works with any and all small to medium-sized manufacturers in our state. Over our 25 year history, we have served over 829 manufacturing companies from throughout the entire state of Maine, from small scale manufacturing at rural plants to urban shops.

Don’t consider yourself a manufacturer? As long as you are making something that transforms a raw material into a good and selling that good to someone else, you are a manufacturer! Our clients include:

Local food companies and coffee roasters who ship nationwide

Machine fabrication shops

Biotech medical product manufacturers

Makers of fine acoustic guitars

Craftspeople making fine jewelry

Injection molding manufacturers

Cut-and-sew shops of all sizes

Boat-to-table seafood businesses

Custom containment manufacturers with government contracts

High-performance textile mills

And many more!

“Working collaboratively with Maine MEP has greatly enhanced our company’s employee productivity, production flow and operational efficiency. Not only has [it] helped us analyze the critical details of our manufacturing process, but it’s created a valuable partnership between our company and Maine MEP.”

-Jeff Johnson, CEO, Cobscook Bay Company (Trescott)

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