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January 21, 2005

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Muriel Mosher
Tel: 207-623-0680

Designs by Lucinda Earns First Ever Maine MEP Manufacturing Excellence Award

L to R: John Karp, Technology Transfer Project Manager, Maine MEP/Maine Technology Institute, Senator Lynn Bromley, Chair of the Business, Research and Economic Development Committee, Lucinda Yates, Founder and CEO, Designs by Lucinda, Muriel Mosher, Vice President for Communications and Marketing, Maine MEP and Tucker Kimball, Maine Technology Institute

Senator Lynn Bromley (D-District 7) presented Maine MEP's Manufacturing Excellence Award to Lucinda Yates of Designs by Lucinda. Click here to see related story.

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QUOTE: "It's worked out pretty well for 15 years. We're still providing jobs for people and we're helping out organizations all around the country while we're doing it. Hopefully it will go on for a while longer. I don't want to find another job right now." - Lucinda Yates, founder