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Innovation Services

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The Maine MEP offers an expanding array of Innovation Services and Partnerships to help an enterprise apply new ideas to products, processes and services in the pursuit of profits. If you have a business strategy tied to growth, we will help you determine the best path and resources to succeed.

Strategic Assessment and Technology Roadmapping

The Maine MEP Strategic Assessment and Technology Roadmapping program helps businesses define their ability to successfully:

  • Integrate new and innovative technologies
  • Identify appropriate solutions
  • Assist with technology transfer
  • Develop product commercialization strategies

The program consists of three phases:

Phase 1 - Enterprise-wide Assessment and Roadmapping:

  • Performing a gap analysis for benchmarking your business practices, production processes, and technology core competencies
  • Developing a Strategic Technology Roadmap and a Workforce Development Plan for your organization
"All you need is the plan, the roadmap, and the courage to press on." - Earl Nightingale

Phase 2 - Technology Matchmaking, Technology Transfer, and Professional Workforce Development:

  • Utilizing the Strategic Technology Roadmap and the Workforce Development Plan to match your company's needs with technologies available from other companies, universities, and federal laboratories to conduct the transfer of knowledge or technology assets
  • Developing programs for your workforce to integrate technology into your business
  • Assisting with the search for additional funding opportunities

Phase 3 - Commercialization:

  • Identifying needs and resources for market research
  • Ramping up business planning for new product introductions
  • Identifying needs and resources for marketing and communications planning

Ideas for Growth

Discover the secret to business Growth…

Is your company ready to balance your
bottom-line cost cutting
with new top-line sales growth?

Find the measurably smarter choices for growth that are waiting to be discovered in your company.

In partnership with the national MEP network and Eureka!Ranch, Maine MEP Certified Eureka! Coaches will work with your company on a process that can be used over and over. You’ll learn how to…

  Invigorate your team toward action and ownership
  Sort and filter ideas to identify those worth pursuing
  Develop a 30-day action plan that will make it easy to move ideas into development, or to kill them before they suck up more time and resources
  Ignite the cycle of growth

Are you an inventor and need to test or sell an innovation?
Are you a business and need innovations for purchase, investment, distribution, or manufacturer?

Visit the USA Innovation Marketplace where inventors and companies speak the same language. MEP can help make the connection.

Learn more about Eureka! Winning Ways program or call Larry Robinson at 207-623-0680.

Research and Development Tax Credits

Working with regional experts, the Maine MEP will connect a profitable manufacturer to the technical resources required to determine if more money can be added to your bottom line by securing research and development tax credits offered by the United States government. R&D work can be carried out on the shop floor at some facilities or as a technical development office organized more formally, through a dedicated R&D division, at others. Whether performed in the laboratory or on the shop floor, R&D efforts should be analyzed for tax credits. Some applicable services may include:

  • Auditing to identify all eligible activities
  • Evaluating operating expenses to determine eligibility
  • Preparing the necessary support documents
  • Coordinating with your finance staff

Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP)

The Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP) strives to transfer the knowledge and technology of the space program to small businesses. Any type of small business is encouraged to submit a technical challenge to SATOP. If SATOP is able to assist, the small business is provided with up to 40 hours of FREE technical assistance from a scientist or engineer in the Space Program.

The goal of SATOP is to help small businesses apply the technical expertise derived from the US space program. Made up of an Alliance of more than 45 space companies, universities, colleges, and NASA centers (Johnson Space Center – Texas, Kennedy Space Center – Florida, and White Sands Test Facility – New Mexico), SATOP finds professionals within these companies who volunteer their time and expertise in solving the challenges brought forth by the inquiring businesses.

Contact the Maine MEP office or visit: for more information.

Maine Technology Centers

The goals for Maine’s Technology Centers include:

  • The retention of successful start-up businesses in the state
  • The improvement of opportunities for workers through the creation of technologically advanced jobs
  • The encouragement of private-sector initiatives
  • The renovation and utilization of vacant commercial real estate
  • The generation of new sources of revenue for local and state tax bases

The Maine State Office of Innovation oversees the Maine Technology Institute ( and the Technology Centers ( programs, and monitors and evaluates other state–funded R&D programs and activities.

Contact the Maine MEP office or visit: for more information.

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